| Ben's Universe v5.2 Released!

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The newest version of Ben's Universe, version 5.2, has officially been released! The "555 Timer Calculator" page, found in the Resources » Calculators » 555 Timer Calculator or here, has been updated. It now includes a much easier-to-use interface, new formula styles, new calculation outputs, an updated schematic, and an interactive schematic to test your designs.

This version also contains various changes to different pages throughout the website, including the Games, Utilities

December 20, 2017


BenBoost is a board that uses an 18650 lithium ion battery to boost a 3-4.5V input and give a 5V output (like the Laser Pointer). However, this board will allow for much higher output current which can be used for phone charging, Raspberry Pi powering and many other uses.

BenBoost PCB (completed)
BenBoost Completed PCB

Project details can be found in the Projects » BenBoost page or here.

October 18, 2017

|Laser Pointer

This project is a simple laser pointer that is powered by an 18650 lithium ion battery. It takes between 3-4.5V in and gives a 5V output which is connected to a small 5V laser pointer.

Laser Pointer PCB (completed)
Laser Pointer Completed PCB

Project details can be found in the Projects » Laser Pointer page or here.

April 04, 2017

| Current Projects

The current project(s) that I am working on will be listed in this second column, along with progress updates and pictures.

|Li-ion Battery Charger

This board takes a standard USB input (~5V) to charge a Li-ion battery. This can be used with the BenBoost to supply 5V from a battery, and also to recharge the battery both while being used and when not being used.

Li-ion charger PCB render
Li-ion Charger PCB Render

Current status:

I have soldered all of the components on the board, and the outputs seem to be working. I will test the board with a dead Li-ion cell overnight and see if it charges.

October 17, 2017
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